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2 weeks out

Glenn and I are getting very excited about our up coming trip. We have been talking about all we hope to see and take in. It is nice to only have to plan the Rome portion since we are part of a tour group for the Israel portion. Our group there consists of 17 other adults from all parts of the US and one from England. I am looking forward to meeting our fellow travelers and sharing this experience. Have going all around India and England dragging suitcases up and down stairs (UGH!), we have decided to pack for this trip in our hiking backpacks. They hold plenty plus it will force us to pack with forethought and care. I have purchased a small Nook for travel which is much lighter and I am equipped with my new streamline tablet. I am much more mentally prepared for this trip and have had more time to anticipate it too. Having traveled internationally now it doesn't seem as daunting and there is just anticipation and excitement!

We begin the trip flying through Dallas so that hopefully weather won't be an issue and we have 4 hours there for cushion. After flying over night we have 15 hours in London before traveling on to Israel. In London we will eat lunch and dinner, stretch our legs and take in some sights again. It is nice to have a mental image of the area and know where we are going.

I will be keeping my travel blog again so look for posts starting at the end of the month.

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